Vibra-TITE Sealers & Compounds

Vibra-TITE Sealers & Compounds

Vibra-TITE Thread Sealants seal and secure metal pipes and fittings by filling the space between threaded metal parts. Thread sealants prevent leakage caused by tape shredding, vibration loosening, solvent evaporation, and damaged threads.  Vibra-TITE products are designed for both low and high pressure application. Thread sealants seal to the burst strength of most piping systems. Because of the lubricating properties, Vibra-TITE Thread Sealants make it easy to assemble fittings and they also prevent galling of the threads. For repairs, parts may be disassembled with basic hand tools.

Hillco Fastener Warehouse currently carries the following Vibra-TITE Sealer & Compound Products from ND Industries:

ND44050   Pneumatic/Hydraulic Sealant (50ML) - Compare to LOCTITE 54351

ND46050   Stainless Steel (White) Sealant (50ML) - Compare to LOCTITE 56747

ND53010   General Purpose (Green) Retaining Compound (10ML) - Compare to LOCTITE 60921

ND73050   Flexible Gasket Maker (Red) (50ML) - Compare to LOCTITE 51831