Construction Fasteners & Supplies

To help serve the growing construction market in Southern California, Hillco is excited to announce the creation of our construction fastener and supplies division, Jobsite 911.  Jobsite 911 will be responsible for handling the demand for structural bolts, foundation bolts, concrete anchors, threaded rod, abrasives, contractor bags, and other supplies commonly used on jobsites throughout the region.  Why “Jobsite 911”?  Hillco has engaged in selling construction fasteners for many years, even though our primary market has always been the automotive industry.  Recently, however, we’ve been overwhelmed by requests for foundation bolts, followed almost every time by “Please hurry!”  It seems that it is not uncommon for a general contractor to have his crew standing by, clock ticking, waiting for their bolts.  For the guy paying the bills, this constitutes an emergency!  Thus, Jobsite 911 to the rescue!  Click here to view website: