HPS Straight Silicone Reducers - 3" Lengths

HPS Straight Silicone Reducers - 3" Lengths
HPS Silicone Reducer Hoses provide for a transition between different sizes. They are highly useful for transitioning between different sized intercooler, turbo, and intake components and pipes.

HPS silicone transition hoses are made of 4-ply reinforced and knitted premium polyester fabric with high temperature silicone rubber, engineered for extreme temperature and various pressure ranges where high performance levels are required.

Technical Specifications:
Temperature Range: -65 Deg. F to +350 Deg. F (177 Deg. C)
Reinforced Layer: 4-ply
Color: Black or Blue

Silicone hose is NOT compatible with fuel or oil. Silicone hose is compatible with water or anti-freeze such as coolant.